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The northwest area of Ohio is home to the majority of the wind turbines in the state, but developers there have been worried about the direction Ohio is taking when it comes to renewable energy.Wind farms pays dividends to local schools Of even greater concern is the more restrictive setback requirements that were imposed in 2014 that restrict how close a turbine can be placed to property, even if unoccupied, that is not part of the development. HB 554 does not include any language on those requirements.The legislature first set renewable energy standards in 2008, mandating that investor-owned utilities obtain 25 percent of their energy from advanced energy sources by 2025, with half the energy coming from renewable sources.But in 2014, the legislature, with Kasich's approval, froze the standards for three years.Wind and solar require significant fossil fuel-based backup power sources to accommodate variability in the availability of wind and sun for power conversion.A In 2005, the state Legislature established a statewide RPS, mandating that selected renwable energy resources account for 15 percent of retail electric sales by 2015, with a phase-in period beginning in 2010.The Senate voted 18-13 on the bill to extend the freeze, with five Republicans joining the Democrats. Cliff Hite, represents a region of northwest Ohio with a lot of interest in wind development."Wind is northwest Ohio's shale," he said during debate on the bill, according to the Toledo Blade.

Meanwhile there will be negligible environmental benefit, as it is unclear whether use of renewables such as wind and solar actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jeff Stone warned that the state might be getting ahead of its ability to actually implement a 100% RPS.

“If we don’t have the science to back up the methodology to get to 2030 with 60% coming from renewables, then it’s going to increase costs for our constituents,” Stone said.

Sponsored by Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León, a Los Angeles Democrat, the bill passed 25-13 along party lines. “When it comes to our clean air and climate change, we are not backing down,” de León said in a statement.

“Today, we passed the most ambitious target in the world to expand clean energy and put Californians to work.” De León said it is now critical for California to “double down on climate leadership” given President Trump’s announcement today that the U. would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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